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Welcome to the Volunteer Centre Dorset website, we have hundreds of ideas and projects to get involved with. At the Volunteer Centre, we are passionate about all things volunteering! Whether you are looking for a fulfilling voluntary role, or need volunteers for your organisation, we can help. If you're looking to jump into a particular part of our site then please use the buttons above to find what you're looking for.



Volunteers' Week is our time to say Thank You, to show appreciation of the thousands of people who give up their time every day to make our county a better place and improve the lives of the people in it. 

Starting from 3rd June, this year is an extra special year as Volunteers' Week is forty years old, what volunteering were you doing back in 1984?

This year we want to hear your volunteer stories. If you volunteer, or are part of a volunteer-involving organisation, or benefit from the services of a volunteer, then please share your story using the hashtag #volunteeringdorset - let's spread the word about the army of volunteers who help each and every day, giving their time to make our community a better place.


Did you know we currently offer FREE online courses to support volunteers in their volunteering roles and staff working in the voluntary sector? If you are an organisation looking for training for your volunteers, please visit our full list of courses by clicking on the link below. You can enrol your volunteers and/or staff by emailing us the full name of the learner, their email address and choice of courses. For more details, please email [email protected]


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