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Lots of people want to volunteer, if only they are asked!

We are currently in the process of migrating to a new platform called Team Kinetic. We will be contacting all organisations but you are able to register yourself at any time using the above links and add opportunities. Please contact us on 01305 269214 or email [email protected] should you need any assistance. Thank you for your patience at this time.

Team Kinetic – Dorset's Free online volunteer recruitment system.

A website for Dorset volunteer roles only! All the Volunteer roles you register with us will be advertised on-line, on our Team Kinetic website. To use this service, you will first need to register, simply click on the blue ‘Register’ button above and fill in the details. Once you create your first opportunity, this will be approved and your opportunity will be visible to volunteers. You will be able to log in (Blue ‘Login’ button), amend your details and add however many roles you may have.

What this means for you. Each time someone expresses an interest in one of your roles, you will automatically be sent an email alert to let you know, this email will include their basic details. You could then login and see their profile on your organisation


Recruitment Guidance

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to recruit. Tell your existing volunteers and staff that you are looking for new volunteers. They can give a good explanation of what is involved and will usually be enthusiastic about your organisation and its work.

Advertising can be expensive and does not always get results but the media will often publicise your organisation or project free if they think it is of interest. Local newspapers and radio are always looking for new stories on local events so try sending out a press release next time you start a new project or have an event planned. Posters in local shops, community centres, church halls may help raise awareness of your organisation and volunteering roles.

When you decide you need volunteers for a task, regard it like a job vacancy; write a description explaining what the volunteer will be doing, where, when and for how long. Volunteers will be more attracted to an opportunity if they know what is involved. The Volunteer Centre can advise you on how to write an opportunity description.

The team at Volunteer Centre Dorset have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in how to recruit volunteers. Have a chat with a member of the team by emailing [email protected] or call 01305 269214

Getting the right people

Make it as easy as possible for potential volunteers to come forward. Explain to people how to apply: by telephone, letter or email. If you need volunteers to complete a DBS check explain this from the beginning. Remember that many volunteer roles do not require a DBS check. It is usually a good idea to meet your new volunteers before they start. This will enable you to confirm that the volunteer is right for the position and reassure them about what is expected.

Many people volunteer in between holding paid employment or domestic commitments. If you can be flexible about when the volunteer is on duty with your organisation then they are more likely to volunteer more.


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