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Volunteer for COVID-19 Crisis

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering during the Coronavirus Crisis. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has registered so far to support our community.

If you would like to register to volunteer then please click the button below:

Volunteer FAQs

I am self-isolating but still want to help, what can I do?

You can absolutely still volunteer. You would be able to become a telephone befriender, checking in with other people who are self-isolating. This is a scary time for a lot of people especially those who live on their own so there are plenty of people who would be grateful for a regular call.

I don’t have a DBS check, is there something I can volunteer for?

There are plenty of things to get involved with which do not require you to have a DBS check. Doing shopping/errands for someone self-isolating, or becoming a telephone befriender do not require you to have a DBS check. If you would like a DBS check, then please get in touch with us and we can organise this for you.

Where can I find some good practice guidance on volunteering?

Click here to view our guidance on volunteering. Once you start volunteering with us, you will be emailed a copy of this by a member of the team and any other documents relevant to your volunteering role.

I’m volunteering and using my car, will my insurance be affected?

The unbiased advice from ABI regarding motor insurance is that volunteering will not affect your motor insurance cover. Click here to see more advice and FAQs from ABI.

Do I have to commit to certain hours a week?

For certain roles you may be asked to make a regular commitment. Pharmacies may require regular volunteers to help them so they can keep track of patients and medicine for example. If we match you with an individual that needs help with shopping, this may also require a regular commitment but you will have more flexibility on when you volunteer – it will be up to your and the person you are helping to work out a schedule that suits you both. We understand many people are still working or are looking after children, so if we contact you about a volunteering role and you are unsure whether you can commit then please let us know and we can try and find you something more suitable.

There is a lot of information available at the moment, how do I know which information is correct?

Always follow the Government Guidelines and NHS Guidelines. All of the guidelines as set out by Volunteer Centre Dorset are in line with these guidelines. 

Follow the advice on local issues from the following organisations (click on each one to be redirected to their website)

Dorset Council


Citizens Advice Bureau 

Dorset Community Action

Help and Kindness

All of these groups (including us at Volunteer Centre Dorset) are part of the Dorset Coordinated Community Response so the information we are displaying will be correct and up to date. If you receive any information and you are unsure whether it is genuine or not then please ask us. There is also some guidance on Coronavirus fraudsters on the Dorset Police Cyber Crime website.

I’m concerned for the welfare of a neighbour I’m helping, what should I do?

You can either contact us at the Volunteer Centre and we will able to offer advice or report an issue on your behalf. Click here to view a poster on who to speak to if you are concerned that someone is being subjected to domestic abuse. You can also contact the Dorset Council safeguarding team by clicking here. If you believe that an individual you are supporting is seriously ill or in immediate danger contact 999 for an ambulance or the police.

Am I able to collect a prescription for my neighbour if they receive a controlled drug?

No. Controlled drugs will not be handled by volunteers. Pharmacies are aware of this so you should never be asked to deliver a controlled drug. All deliveries of controlled drugs are being carried out and monitored by paid and checked staff at Dorset Council.

Can I also register to volunteer for other groups such as the NHS?

Absolutely! There is no limit to how many volunteering groups you sign up to – but please make sure you don’t overload yourself. If you aren’t able to carry out a volunteering role then please let us know (see question below).

What should I do if I can’t volunteer anymore?

If you are no longer available to volunteer or have decided to volunteer for another group, please let us know as soon as possible and we will no longer contact you. We may keep your details on file (all personal details are stored securely as part of GDPR) for monitoring purposes. If you wish for all your details to be removed from our system, then please ask and we will adhere to your request. If you would like further details on how the Volunteer Centre store and handle personal data, then please speak to a member of staff who can pass on our GDPR and data protection policies.



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