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Community Response Volunteers


During the Covid-19 pandemic, volunteers were vital in helping people and keeping communities connected. This help has made the difference to individual's happiness, their day, and quality of life. In some cases, a volunteer could be the difference in getting something to a person in need, or the only human contact they have that week.  

The need for Community Response Volunteers is just as high, as we have all realised that helping locally, can really make a difference to residents in our own communities, and there are gaps that need filling from other over-whelmed organisations and services. 

Community Response Volunteers can select tasks from a dashboard of requests that will assist people in their local community. These tasks may be either short or long term, a single, ad-hoc task or an ongoing job. Typically, the people that we will need to help could be elderly, shielding, clinically vulnerable, lonely, isolated, unwell, disabled, or socially-vulnerable – or have a range of difficulties.

Tasks that could be available include:

  • Shopping, collecting prescriptions

  • Befriending, either on the phone or in person

  • Dog walking and pet care

  • Gardening

  • Driving to or from appointments or group meetings

  • Accompanying people to social meetings, clubs or on walks

  • Basic odd jobs eg changing a lightbulb, moving furniture


Please follow this link to register as a Community Volunteer

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