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The Big Help Out - A message from Angus Campbell, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Dorset


3rd May 2023

The Big Help Out on 8th May is the national day of volunteering linked to the Coronation, but this is just the beginning of a BIG YEAR OF HELPING OUT. Volunteer Centre Dorset is using this platform as an opportunity to encourage, champion and celebrate all volunteering throughout the year. 

Imagine, if every person aged 14+ in Dorset gave just one hour, we would have a contribution of 326,057 hours of help, skills and kindness to support our community.

So how can you get involved?

  1. Make a pledge to Help Out throughout the year - we want to reach 326,057 hours - https://www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk/volunteer-pledge
  2. Participate in a Big Help Out volunteering activity or event on 8th May - https://www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk/the-big-help-out
  3. Have a look and sign up for a volunteering opportunity now - https://www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk/i-want-to-volunteer

​Come on, join in, and help out in Dorset. 

We have received some words of support from Angus Campbell – His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Dorset. 

“I am so impressed with the imaginative way that Marie Waterman and her splendid ‘Volunteer Centre Dorset’ Team have harnessed the tremendous opportunity handed to us by our new Monarch.  King Charles the Third has signalled his strong appreciation of, and support for, Volunteers and Voluntary Organisations by putting Volunteers at the centre of his Coronation plans.  He has done this by inspiring the ‘The Big Help Out’ and signalling his personal determination to encourage volunteering across the country in all areas.  Our country relies on volunteers across a vast span of essential services and would simply cease to function without them.

By taking up the challenge offered, Volunteer Centre Dorset aims to expand the numbers involved in volunteering in the county by introducing more of those, not yet engaged, to the volunteering experience.  Those who already volunteer know that the rewards are great.  Not only the satisfaction of helping others in need but also the well-being it creates in oneself and those around you as well as the undeniable strengthening of the personal bonds within local communities.

I very much support and applaud Marie Waterman and her Team’s determination to use this opportunity to the utmost and, by so doing, expand the cohorts of our wonderful volunteers in Dorset in all areas.  If you have not thought of it before, please do give it a try.”


Angus Campbell – His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Dorset.

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