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Are volunteers Superheroes?


30th May 2019

Courage and bravery leap to mind first when we think of heroism. True leaders are selfless always put others first, they possess, humility, patience and are caring.

Whether you're a child or an adult, Superheroes have always enticed us with their resonating stories of power intrigue, and justice. There is much to learn from just watching (or for that matter, reading about) superheroes, especially when we focus on their psychological attributes. These icons of greatness can mentor our thoughts and actions in the workspace and make us true leaders. Like trophies on a pedestal, organisations are also looking for heroes on their org charts; personnel and volunteers who will spearhead the organisation into super-ness.

Superheroes possess courage to participate and help others, have strength within, humility and patience and generally kind and caring. Often they may have their own physical or mental scars, want to remain anonymous, and first and foremost help and support others for the greater good. They are hardworking, responsible and organised have vision to see what other don’t, and often do not lead but are leaders.

Volunteers don’t look like your everyday superman or superwoman, they don’t wear Lycra and no, most can’t fly however some can ‘make you fly’. They work as a team, they appear when you need them, are there when others are not, ask nothing of you and seek no reward.

Can they change the world? Probably not. Would the world be a different place without them? Probably yes.

So to all the volunteers out there - the answer is YES!

Volunteers are Superheroes!

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Need some superheroes for your organisation?

There are hundreds of potential volunteer superheroes across Dorset who could save the day at your charity!

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