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Coronavirus Volunteering

If you would like to volunteer to support the current Covid-19 please click on the Volunteer Enquiries button below to fill out a form. If you have set up a group to support you community during this crisis, please click on Register Your Community Group to fill out a seperate form.


Due to the current situation, many charities are temporarily ceasing to operate or have greatly reduced their capacity. Because of this they may not be taking on new volunteers at this time. However, you can still register for general volunteering (not part of the Covid-19 crisis) by clicking the blue register button above and filling out our online volunteer registration form, but please be aware the response time will likely be much longer than normal.

How to find out more about volunteer vacancies?

There are many ways to find information about volunteering and get involved. Many people will just contact local branches of organisations and ask if they can help. However, other people may be unsure what they want to do and if you are new to the area you probably don't know all the local organisations that use volunteers. 

To register as a volunteer on our volunteering website, please click the registration button above. Our staff at the Volunteer Centre are happy to help you with registering. Once you have registered, you can express your interest in roles that are suitable for you. 

Contact the Volunteer Centre

We have details of hundreds of organisations, many of which have a wide variety of volunteering positions. Simply Connect has detailed descriptions of the roles explaining what activities are involved. Browsing through all the information contained in Simply connect will ensure you choose the right role for you! If you would like to chat to a member of the Volunteer Centre to discuss roles or any specific recruirements you have, then get in touch on [email protected] or call 01305 269214

Remember, volunteering is just that; Volunteering!

Organisations will always be grateful for whatever help you are able to give. No-one will ask you to sign a contract, or commit yourself to work, volunteering is totally flexible the hours that suit you. You are free to stop volunteering any time you wish. 


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