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Are you looking for volunteers to help you?

Lots of people want to volunteer, if only they are asked. 

Volunteer Connect – Dorset's Free online volunteer recruitment system.

A website for Dorset volunteer roles only. All the current roles you have registered with us are being advertised on-line, from our Volunteer Connect website. Anyone searching online for volunteering in Dorset will get directed to our website, which features at the top of search engine ranking, and they will be able to search for Dorset roles from within our website. To get started, just use this link- Organisation Website . First timers click on the 'register' button, account holders log in.

What this means for you Each time someone expresses an interest in one of your roles, we’ll send you an email alert to let you know and this will include their basic details. You could then login and see their profile.

If you’ve received an email telling you that a volunteer has expressed an interest in one of your roles, this is what to do next;  A) Log in to VC Connect. B) Click on “Add/Edit Roles” C) click on the role that the volunteer has expressed an interest in.
This will bring up a screen with four boxes, showing Volunteers who may match your role, Volunteers who are interested in your role, Volunteers who you’ve invited to apply, and volunteers who have applied for the role.  For now, your interested volunteer should show up in “Volunteers who are interested in your role”.  Click on their name.
This will take you to a screen which shows you more information about the volunteer. If you feel that they may be suitable for your role, you can invite them to apply for the position by scrolling to the bottom of the page and sending a message in the 'message volunteer' panel. If the volunteer is unsuitable, you can disassociate them from this role.
Once you have invited them to apply for the role, they will show up in the top right box, and this information will be passed to the volunteer, who will then apply for the role if they are still interested. Now they’ve applied, the volunteer will show up in the bottom left box, and now, when you click on their name, more information, such as volunteer email address and volunteer phone number is available to you, and you may contact the volunteer direct in order to set up an initial face-to-face or phone contact.

You can also login and proactively search our volunteer bank for volunteers who meet your requirements. Once on the Volunteer Connect page you can:

  • Login and update your details
  • Advertise your roles
  • Manage & track volunteers who’ve registered interest in your roles
  • View their profile before inviting them to apply
  • Choose how you want prospective volunteers to contact you.
  • Search our Volunteer Bank to find suitable volunteers
  • Keep track of all your roles, past and present

What to do next Your recent roles are already uploaded to Volunteer Connect so you will start receiving applications from volunteers soon. However, please login to check that the data has all been uploaded correctly as sometimes new IT solutions have glitches when data is transferred but we think it should all be ok. If you are not already advertising roles with us, it's a free service and you should sign up and get started online.

In particular please check:

  1. The advertising dates are correct.
  2. Make sure the 'closed' button is not ticked - this will take a role off the website.
  3. The 'Public Phone' is correct - this is the number that volunteers will be emailed
  4. There are some new fields which you can complete for each role these are: - Number of Volunteers required - How to find out more - Skills required - Benefits from this role
  5. Click save and the changes will be made automatically

Please note, new roles that you emailed to Volunteer Centre Dorset in the last few weeks will be added by our team.

Need help getting started? If you have questions about the system, logging in or registering etc please contact the Volunteer Centre on: 01305 269214

Your data will be held on our secure servers The information we hold about your organisation and your roles will be kept on our database. Only role info and your contact details will be made publicly available via Volunteer Connect. You will enter and manage your own information on our system.  Volunteer Centre Dorset will not share your data with anyone else without your permission.

How prospective volunteers are served by Volunteer Connect

  • Sign up & create their profile – a quick & easy process
  • Edit their profile and preferences
  • Search for suitable volunteer roles
  • Login and see invitations from you to apply for positions
  • Get email updates on new roles

Of course we also offer them information on volunteer roles via our:

  • Drop-in advice service Monday to Thursady (9am -4.30pm) for help from an adviser.
  • Bulletin they can sign up to receive our monthly Bulletin which lists all the latest volunteer roles, they can download it from our website or pick up a paper copy from our office.

Volunteer Centre Dorset are thankful for the support from:

Dorset County Council
Dorset Community Foundation
Volunteering Fund