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Community Reserve  Volunteer Poole - British Red Cross

A community reserve volunteer is anyone who wants to help their  local community if a large incident should occur, but is perhaps unable  to commit to regular volunteering with us.
No specialist skills are required and the volunteers can decide whether to respond to an incident on a case-by-case basis.

When a major crisis hits, members of the public are often quick to offer their support. By recruiting community reserve volunteers, the Red Cross can harness the goodwill of the public in advance of a crisis, so that when an emergency happens, those registered in that area can play an active and immediate role in helping. 

How do community reserve volunteers work with our  current emergency response teams?

Community reserve volunteers will carry out practical tasks, leaving our existing volunteers free to concentrate on more technical tasks they have been trained to do, such as providing practical and emotional support directly to people in crisis.
Community reserve volunteers work in small teams led by an experienced Red Cross volunteer who will ensure that the teams are well supported and directed.

A community reserve volunteer might be expected to: 
While we prepare for all scenarios, we can never fully predict the demands of a crisis.    

What training do community reserve volunteers receive?

Community reserve volunteers receive simple training that reflects the nature of their role. They will always be supervised by an experienced team leader on scene.
We will not ask community reserve volunteers to complete any task for which they are not trained.

Sign up as a community reserve volunteer:

Email: Website:

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