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Volunteer Mediator Role Description

We welcome good listeners to join our team of volunteer mediators. We offer a valuable, confidential service, creating an opportunity for those we help to clear the air and start again. If you are a good listener and can spare the time, we would love to hear from you.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a form of dispute resolution assisted by an unbiased third party. A mediator does not give expert opinion and advice or impose a solution. Instead our mediators help uncover underlying reasons for a conflict by listening, providing a neutral space to talk, rebuild trust and resolve issues.

What kind of issues does a mediator handle?
Many of our cases involve disputes between neighbours – disputes arising from issues such as noise, animals, parking, fences, high hedges, litter, verbal abuse or anti-social behavior.

What geographical area do we cover?
Dorset including Bournemouth and Poole (we try and provide cases near to where you live).

Who can become a mediator?
There are no pre-defined qualifications to becoming a mediator, yet some people are more suited to the role than others. Mediators usually are…

-    able to build rapport
-    able to be impartial and open-minded
-    able to be directive, and to confront where needed
-    possessed with patience and empathy
-    have a sense of humour

We are looking for people who…

-    are committed and willing to volunteer with us for at least 24 months
-    are available for training (5 days)
-    are available for approximately 3 hours per month (once trained)
-    have their own transport (we reimburse travel expenses)
-    are easily contactable and can keep up regular communication with the service
-    are team players (our mediators work in pairs)

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